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FORMATNULL crafts websites across various platforms, 100% customized to the needs of your project and optimized towards the primary lead generation channels or marketing mix of your business. Thirdparty software integration, custom filter functionalities or hardcoded hacks and with a balanced approach to performance vs. design, we adjust the web-strategy to the financial reality of your project. Whether you are a solopreneur, tech start-upor established industry player, we advise on the pros and cons of platforms and solutions by initially analyzing business goals, target KPIs and competitive landscape of your venture.

Custom-made and platform agnostic



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Webdesign projects powered by FORMATNULL

Discover how our web design expertise can elevate your online presence. Dive into our portfolio to see our innovative solutions in action. Let's craft a mobile first website that not only looks stunning but also delivers an exceptional user experience. Welcome to the world of web design at FORMATNULL!


Formatnull Services

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FORMATNULL Website Templates

With a strong focus on real estate and tourism industry digital marketing we have designed a series of website themes for both industries. With next level 'fluid' design, mobile first approach and custom coded filter logics FORMATNULL#s website themes are a fast expanding ecosystem that offer an attractive entry level price for a professionally designed and performant website experience.

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3D visualisations

As part of our toolkit for real estate development projects FORMATNULL also crafts first class 3d images and virtual tours in photorealistic quality that appear particularly powerful when combined with our webdesign splashes. Courious to learn more?

Custom-designed, data-driven, conversionrate optimized

With almost a decade of experience analyzing landingpages, websites, and hotel booking infrastructure with Google Analytics goggles on, FORMATNULL's UX strategy is truly data driven. Where others craft well designed, yet often ill performing sites built on rigid templates, we deliver 100% custom-made funnels, defying your business goals and target KPIs at the basis of web strategy. Constantly re-validated by real world analytics, performance marketing data and inhouse tracking solutions beyond Google Analytics 4, FORMATNULL delivers stunning websites that do perform, pushing your brand to the next level.

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