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Business 1

Business Consultants | Financial Coaches | Insurance Brokers | Therapists | Medical Professionals

Our Bestseller, ideal for solopreneurs and business coaches. Works as it comes or can be customized to fit your needs.

Our package includes full set up service by FORMATNULL. Annual care free maintencance including decentralised hosting comes at less than USD 200.00-

Works as is or can be customized to suit your needs. Talk to us!

Full set up service incl. style customisation, content fusion and photoshop magic

Booking App incl Online payment | Optional on request

Multilanguage as an optional upgrade

7 days | All In

Business Consultants | Financial Coaches | Insurance Brokers | Therapists | Medical Professionals

from $/€ 1.499,-

Choose your shape!

Website Themes by FORMATNULL

Customize this website theme with a shape of your choice and give it an individual touch matching your business, audience or location.

Formatnull Website Themes

✔ Offer Services: Let clients book 1-on-1 appointments, intro calls, group sessions, classes, workshops and more.


✔ Manage All Calendars: Add custom working hours, sync staff Google calendars, include your own booking policy and manage all your schedules from your dashboard.

✔ Offer Memberships and Packages: Boost client loyalty with free trials, membership plans, punch cards and coupons.


✔ Accept Secure Online/Offline Payments: Get paid with all major credit cards and choose a payment provider, like Wix Payments, PayPal, Stripe and more.

✔ Manage Clients: View member profiles, bookings history, payment status, notes and more.

✔ Send SMS + Email reminders: Remind clients about upcoming sessions and expiring plans to reduce no-shows.


✔ Get a Customized Mobile App: Let clients book and pay for services on the go, chat with other members and stay updated. 

✔ Track Your Performance: Get detailed analytics on your finances, staff performance and client attendance.


✔ Manage on Mobile: Manage your calendar, bookings, clients and sales with a dedicated Mobile App.

Booking App incl. online payment | Optional on request

Offer 1-on-1 appointments, group sessions, classes, workshops, intro calls and more.

✔ Manage your schedule, calendar, staff and clients from any device.

✔ Accept secure online payments for your services, memberships and packages.

✔ Make it easy for clients to book and pay on-the-go with a dedicated mobile app.

✔ Get the industry-leading scheduling platform to manage your bookings, appointments and calendar - trusted by 11M+ businesses worldwide.

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Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

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Business 2

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Business 3

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