Aude Dupont

Powered byFORMATNULL's Design Team goal was the creation of logo and various communication media for the french law firm Aude Dupont.

Digy code

Entering the Digital Assets & Cryptocurrency Space FORMANULL revamped Digycode's brand identity and pushed forward with designs for their communication tools​ including website​, digital collaterals, brochures, flyers, advertising material. Not yet enough we subsequently advised in strategic digital marketing for the France based audience. 


Crafting a fresh brand identity and sparkling designs for LAOH we ultimately delivered a comprehensive​ website redesign​, various digital collaterals, brochures, and advertising creatives. 


Refining LAOH's brand identity FORMATNULL put emphasis on the company’s  professional ingenuity while highlighting the luxurious nature of its wellbeing products in perfect symbiosis!

Roots Real Estate


Pushing this start up realtor into a competitve environment Formatnull developed Brand including Logo design and various communcation material for Roots Real Estate Panama. Find out how this loops back into a cross functional digital marketing strike for this project.

Chocolate Fair Panama

Receta Michila

In 2020 FORMATNULL has created an inspiring 12-page promotion booklet for Receta Michila restaurant & Dona Mara hotel on Carenero island, Bocas del Toro, PANAMA.


ANNEALSYS - translating to "Leading manufacturer of Rapid Thermal Processing and Direct Liquid Injection Deposition Systems" - requested us to come up with a fresh brand identity and various creatives, including website redesign​, digital collaterals, brochures, technical boards and advertising media. 


Refineing its brand identity we synergized the company’s professional ingenuity with its next level product portfolio - BOOM!

Bocas Island Express

Creation of a new logo for the most professional delivery and shipping service of Bocas del Toro, Panama:

Bocas Island Express

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